Your bike rides this week

Sunday September 11. Barbara in Monterey:

Monday September 12. Barbara, Cheryl, Jane:

Tuesday September 13. Dani, Kathy, Barbara, Jane, Cheryl on 17 Mile Drive:

Wednesday September 14.

Thursday September 15. Terri, me, Cindy:

Friday September 16. Riding in Cayucos, Kathy:

And Dani:

I returned Ray’s recumbent trike today (I’d borrowed it while I had the broken wrist) and he gave me a ride home on his 2-person e-trike. Ray and Donna do all their grocery shopping with this trike:

Saturday September 17. Thank you Jeorgianna for promoting bicycling in N Natomas – today was her Jibe photo shoot.

Today was the first Pedal Up Natomas class .. and I didn’t take a single picture – too busy teaching, I guess. Brenda was in the class, she rode to and from Inderkum HS.

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