Your bike rides this week

Sunday June 26. I rode with Brenda, Paul, Lennore, Jim, Terri, and Sarah in N Natomas on the east side of I-5:

Brenda got a flat. Fixing it became a group project, but no one had a tube that would fit so we began discussing the next solution. Brenda was determined to keep riding so she asked her husband to load up her other bike, drive to our location and swap it for the flat-tire bike. Great idea!

Barbara at the Guy West Bridge:

Monday June 27. I rode with Leo, Cheryl and Terri:

Tuesday June 28. Cindy and Terri:

Thursday June 30. Terri and me at the entrance to Discovery Park:

Friday July 1. I rode with Terri to the end of Jackrabbit Trail at Elkhorn Blvd:

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