To Oude Wetering

Too much rain and wind today for a bike ride so the barge stayed longer in Leiden. Originally, Leiden was known for making linen.

We went for a wet windy walk into town.

Stores were mainly closed Sunday and don’t open on Monday until 1 pm.

The Citadel of Leiden:

87 steps later, we were inside and ready to look over the wall.

Leiden is the town where Pietr was raised. His father was a caretaker at this church and told Peitr the church had been named after him.

We found an open shop to look for a few more essential items. Gloves, rain pants, raincoats, potato chips.

Back to the barge for a cruise to our next destination. We were all happy not to have ridden in this awful weather.

An afternoon of watching the countryside and villages

and playing cards – cribbage, spades, euchre, rummy.

Anne: big winner and the best at calling out “Rummy.” Thankfully we found a deck of cards with American markings because we couldn’t remember the Dutch face cards: B=Jack, V=Queen, H=King. The beer and wine might have been a factor but switching to the Detroit cards made things easier. I lost, by the way.

Chris the chef, Lidia who has many tasks, Pietr our cycling tour guide.

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