Ride with Gina

Leo, Cheryl, and I drove to Folsom for a 13-mile ride around Lake Natoma led by Gina Silvernale. It was cold and foggy but still lots of fun. Gina lives nearby and knows a lot about the area, so we made a few interesting stops. A heron rookery across the river:

An eagle’s nest:

A quite long cycle track made of driftwood by locals:

Hazel Ave bridge crossing the American River, the fish hatchery is to the left:

Check out the salmon jumping out of the water at the salmon ladder:

Cheryl, Gina, and Leo:

Thanks Gina, a great guided ride! After the ride, Leo headed back. Gina, Cheryl, and I had lunch at Karen’s Bakery. Omg, I loved what I had: pulled pork over black beans with a perfectly poached egg on top.

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