Broadus MT

Montana – big sky country – our 14th state. And the sky is BIG. We arrived at Wayside RV Park as the rain began to slowly decrease. No one was available in the office. We stayed in the RV, Billie called the number listed on the door, and … we watched a skunk meander through the campground, under a few trailers. Tracy drove up a while later and let us stay in the RV while we registered and paid, Billie told her about the skunk and she became watchful. The skunk showed up and “raised” its tail as she quickly jumped into the passenger’s seat of the RV (I was already on the settee). We heard about a previous skunk eradication and she alerted the campground maintenance guy. Our site for just tonight (to the right, a horse trailer w living quarters: 2 adults, 1 child, 3 big dogs and 1 cat):

Meanwhile, across the street, big sky beauty:

No sight of the skunk, but we’re not taking any chances!

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