Custer Crazy Rushmore

Rest day. We booked a “Buffalo Jeep Tour” at Custer State Park for 10 am. There were 7 of us plus the guide.

We drove on roads open to the public but not suitable for the vehicle we drive.

The 71,000 acres of Custer State Park can support a herd of about 1400 bison. Every September, the third weekend, the herd is rounded up and evaluated – it’s a management tool to prepare for the annual buffalo sale in early October. The number of buffalo in the herd must be compatible with the available forage. There are man-made watering holes that look like they’re natural, but there’s a nearby pump and well.

A family of Pronghorns:

These pictures do not do the park justice. There are so many incredible vistas and sights to appreciate. After the tour, we ate lunch at

Excellent bison burger! The 1922 original fireplace was embedded with local rocks, minerals, rose quartz, milk quartz, petrified wood, cave boxwork and various crystals.

On to our next stop, the Crazy Horse Memorial, under construction since 1948. The 87-foot face and head were finally finished in 1998, they have a long way to go. This was as far as we got, we were underwhelmed.

On to Mount Rushmore.

These faces are about 14 feet in height.

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