Moving on

The campground in Colona had no sewer connection so we practiced the art of RV water conservation, which also meant using the bathroom/shower house every time it was even remotely possible. We were here for SIX days of possible bike rides. Because of so many rain showers, we were only able to ride TWO of those days. Which meant many more trips to the bathroom/shower house per day and mostly when it was raining. It was a short walk but we drove it many times. So many times that Versie – that’s the name of the Nissan Versa that we drive when the RV is parked – LEARNED the route herself. I wish you could see this little video of Versie navigating all the way by herself:

I backed her out of this space, then she took off on her own.

Final destination:

Just when a valuable skill was learned, it was time to move on. It was a relatively short drive to Kieler Wisconsin and we couldn’t arrive before 2 pm. It’s always exciting to move on to a new destination and Rustic Barn Campground turned out to be quite special from the moment we arrived.

After setting up, finishing errands, and having dinner, we took our chairs to sit in front of this tiny chapel.

The sunset wasn’t as good as we’d hoped, but the views were great.

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