Lucky me

Both Billie and I think we’re pretty good cooks. But, honestly, Billie outdoes herself considering her kitchen is in an RV.

I’ve always thought “grits” sounded like an awful food and never chose it from a menu. You also don’t find it on California menus. When we were in Chattanooga on a food tour, a small tasting was served at one of the stops … very good. Billie’s been casually searching for a good recipe online ever since, then lining up the best place to buy the ingredients, then finding the right day to go through all the steps. Monday was the perfect day. OMG – this is the best thing Billie has ever made:

In order to keep track of what meals are available, I made a list and taped it to a cabinet:

We had (excellent) pork chops on Sunday, swordfish with fresh corn and tomatoes on Tuesday:

A few other great dinners from recent weeks. Scallops with broccoli:

Salmon filet with Tom’s Salsa:

Viviano’s sausage ravioli and pancetta sauce with balsamic braised Brussels sprouts:

I’m lucky, right? Such good food. Every night!

One thought on “Lucky me

  1. Yes you are a lucky girl to have such fabulous meals every night. I can’t wait to meet up with you girls somewhere along the way. Are you going to be going through Colorado at all?

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