The art of conversation

We’re staying at Colona’s Scott Family Campground, near Moline IL, across the river from Davenport IA. The Scott family donated their land as a campground to the city of Colona, but if the property is ever used for something other than a campground, it reverts to the Scott family.

When we arrived on Friday, we had the choice of sewer hookup or shade. We’ve spent too many recent weeks in unshaded hot/humid campgrounds so we chose shade. No sewer hookup … this will requite some adaptation. There is a shower house/bathroom which we need to use as much as possible.

Billie can talk to anyone. This guy started his barbecue at his campsite across the road while Billie and I were outside enjoying the early evening. I came in to refill our wine glasses … meanwhile they struck up a conversation. Eventually he meandered over, the conversation expanded …

Pretty soon, he sat down at the table, they went back and forth, each telling bits of their life stories. He knows a lot about this RV park and the goings on. A good guy to know for the week we’ll be here. Thanks Billie, you have a skill for conversation that can come in quite handy sometimes.

No riding Saturday – it rained all day. That was ok – a day to rest, relax, shop, cook, catch up, and even take a nap.

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