Goodbye St Louis

After Laumeier Sculpture Park, we headed to The Hill. We had specific stops we wanted to make including lunch when Guido’s opened at 11 am.

Followed by dessert at Gelato Di Riso. The doors to St Ambrose Catholic Church were open, so we quietly stepped inside to take a look:

We spent TWO weeks in the St Louis area and it was quite worthwhile. Lots of great bike trails and parks with good trails and roads. Plus other fun places to explore in and around the city. The MCT bike trail system across the river in Illinois was great. Next time, we’d try to find an RV park in the Edwardsville IL area. Thursday morning, we hooked up Versie to Sallie in front of the RV park office – with gorgeous hibiscus blooming nearby- and drove to our next destination.

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