Laumeier Sculpture Park

Today we finished up those final places we wanted to see or go back to. It was hot and humid even early in the morning as we walked around Laumeier Sculpture Park.

Sitting in the arms of a cat:

Many of the sculptures are huge.

Some of the art is gently interactive like this Treetent, big enough for 3 adults:

This was a solar-powered sound installation with about 7 different boxes that made various beeps, clicks, and rings:

Eighteen salvaged steel oil tanks:

This commissioned piece called Heritage Schooner was a narrative about a beloved employee who loved to play the piano, had a faithful dog. The people sitting in pairs behind the dog were important co-workers or family members each holding something significant. The boat was helmed by her parents.

Landscaping art, 7 different trees in a mounded circle, a well in the center:

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