Big River Crossing

The weather cooled a bit, we were able to turn off the AC overnight and open the windows. We were up early and started our ride at 6:45!

Destination: a place we have been unable to access in several days because crossing the I-55 bridge in a vehicle could take a couple of hours. BUT on a bicycle, it was just a 10-mile bike ride, and crossing the Mississippi River on a bridge that spans 4973 feet is rather spectacular.

We rode 3 miles from our campsite on S Loop Rd to the start of the trail:

We crossed under I-55 a couple of times as it climbed toward the river.

At the top of our short climb there was a park between I-55 and the train tracks:

The bridge we took is farthest to the left of the 3 bridges:

A look back at the bridge we’d just crossed:

On the east side of the river, we rode a trail through a series of parks called Memphis River Parks until we found Beale Street. Neither of us would consider going to Beale Street in the evening when things are “hopping.” We were quite satisfied to ride down the middle of the street with no cars on a deserted Wednesday morning.

Our destination was Starbucks – you probably already knew that. We loaded up for the ride back. Double orders, empty containers to transfer our drinks.

Time to ride back before it gets any hotter. Back up Beale Street:

Riding the opposite direction allows you to see new things on the other side of the road …

and to appreciate traveling by bicycle instead of this:

Because I managed to get us lost a couple of times, today we rode 22 miles! Yay – felt good, and we were back by 10 am!

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