Tiniest trash of all

Billie knows everything about her RV and I’ve been trying to learn some of the systems. For example, I can install the remote braking system on the tow car (Versie) and hook up the water. I try to see where I can do little jobs to help out – like taking the trash to the dumpster every morning. We have a lot of trash containers, all in places where it’s really helpful. One dry and one messy in the kitchen/living, small ones in the bathroom, tow car and driver/passenger area of the RV (Sallie). That’s five. We have a special trash just for banana peels – #6.

And then there’s #7. The tiniest one – a small green container just 3 inches tall – for the empty sweetener packets that Billie puts in her coffee. I found all of them. I think.

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