Moving on

It was a relatively short drive from Norlina to Selma NC – about 100 miles the way we came – and Billie had some driving adventures. A missed turn in one small town allowed her to practice several right and left turns on narrower streets. Then there was the hailstorm. (So glad I wasn’t driving!)

We arrived at RVacation RV park in Selma by mid-afternoon to sunshine and (at last) warmer weather. We are southeast of Raleigh and near several very good bike trails.

We like our campsite, there is a bank of trees and shrubs on the side we use the most.

Blacker the Berry

We got there early and checked out the venue. The DJs stage and wine stations were still being set up,

along with the food truck who catered the brunch – chicken and waffles, macaroni and cheese, and greens:

We found a wine station and each bought a bottle of wine,

then set up our folding chairs at the outside perimeter – better to see everything that was going on.

Great fashion statements everywhere!

Lots of music and dancing.

Happy joyous women dancing up a storm:

Special thanks to Preston

and Clara, who made us feel so welcome.

We had a great time. Seven Springs Farm & Vineyard gets a 5-star rating from me.

Seven Springs Farm & Vineyard

We drove a little over 100 miles to Norlina NC to a Harvest Host: Seven Springs Farm & Vineyard.

We arrived before noon because a special event was going to happen in the afternoon. Our site was near the road, next to several rows of grapevines which were just beginning to leaf out.

There was very little to set up today with no electric, water, or sewer; a bit of automatic leveling.

We were soon ready to explore the property and find out about the event that was about to start happening. Preston, the owner, told us to come on up and enjoy all that was about to happen, about 700 hundred people were coming for brunch. 700! What an amazing experience we were about to have. A complete surprise that we never expected.

Preparing to leave

Today we got ready to leave tomorrow. Must-do’s include laundry and it’s really nice when you have a nice laundry room 50 feet from your RV space.

Finding places for the non-dryer clothes. Mine are hanging over the edge of a shelf above the driver’s and passenger’s seats. Here, those “captain’s chairs” have been turned around for more seating.

Billie’s are hanging from a clothesline across the opening to her bedroom.

When you go into the RV and …

and turn left, you have the kitchen on the left and the bathroom on the right.

The bathroom behind the curtain:

We each got the same bamboo towels to use, so I added some embroidery to tell them apart.

Beyond the kitchen/bathroom (without the clothesline) is Billie’s bedroom:

As you come up the steps, straight ahead is the living room/dining room with removable table.

Which later becomes my bedroom!

Thanks to those who asked for a tour of the home we are sharing. We leave tomorrow morning.

Your bike rides this week

Back in Sacramento California, the miles are piling up. Sunday April 11 – Jodi rode her greatest distance so far:

Monday – Jonathan took a picture of Dani, Kathy, Rich, Cindy, Cheryl:

Tuesday – Cheryl, Kathy, Cindy, Dani:

Wednesday – Dani, Cheryl, Kathy, Jonathan:

Thursday – Cheryl took this picture of Jonathan, Kathy, and Dani:

A special ride on Friday – the Tour of W Sacramento has been renamed the Goat Ride after Cheryl, Dani, Kathy, and Jonathan slowed down on the Clarksburg Trail to watch a herd of goats brought in to eat the grass.

Jean Marie and Ingrid rode 4 times this week:

Virginia Capital Trail

We started in Jamestown at MM 0 and rode eastward toward Charles City.

Every wine bottle is unique and can be seen from inside and outside the structure:

Where the Chickahominy River enters the James River, there’s a bridge … with a steep climb … we turned around at about MM 7.

We decided to add a few miles by exploring around the Jamestown Settlement.

We found a picnic table, put together our lunch, rested, and decided we had ridden enough miles (and those sore body parts from yesterday were grateful). 17 miles!

Virginia Capital Trail

This 52-mile trail goes from the first capital of Virginia in Jamestown to the current capital in Richmond. Today we started in the middle at Charles City and rode west toward Richmond from Mile Marker 20 – MM 40 at Four Mile Creek Park. Twelve more miles to Richmond, but it gets quite hilly. Today’s ride was hilly enough.

Our turn-around point was at Four Mile Creek Park where we rested for about 30 minutes, ate our lunch and visited with a couple from Alexandria who were riding the entire trail, but in shorter segments over a few days.

Somewhere in the distance in Shirley Plantation. There were several plantations along our route.

Back at Charles City. 40 miles complete – the longest ride for both of us so far this year. Yes, a few body parts are sore and a very good night’s sleep is ahead.

Chickahominy Lake

Yesterday we drove about 100 miles to Lanexa VA to Rockahock Campground along Chickahominy Lake which is also a river.

We’re eating really well. Bille made delicious sugar snap peas and tuna steaks last night.

Honah Lee Vineyards

This is our first Harvest Hosts stop, just 4 miles from Gordonsville VA.

We did a wine tasting:

We drove into Gordonsville. The town hall:

Some really cute shops for about 2 blocks on this side of the street:

An easy and delicious dinner – takeout from the BBQ Exchange:

Luray Caverns

The largest caverns in the eastern US and well worth seeing.

Dream Lake, a perfect mirror image of the ceiling, the deepest part is 18-20 inches:

There were no stairs to climb in these caverns and you were able to get really close to the formations. No touching allowed!

Two stalagmites were accidentally sheared during the enlargement of this tunnel and the result was .. Fried Eggs: