Preparing to leave

Today we got ready to leave tomorrow. Must-do’s include laundry and it’s really nice when you have a nice laundry room 50 feet from your RV space.

Finding places for the non-dryer clothes. Mine are hanging over the edge of a shelf above the driver’s and passenger’s seats. Here, those “captain’s chairs” have been turned around for more seating.

Billie’s are hanging from a clothesline across the opening to her bedroom.

When you go into the RV and …

and turn left, you have the kitchen on the left and the bathroom on the right.

The bathroom behind the curtain:

We each got the same bamboo towels to use, so I added some embroidery to tell them apart.

Beyond the kitchen/bathroom (without the clothesline) is Billie’s bedroom:

As you come up the steps, straight ahead is the living room/dining room with removable table.

Which later becomes my bedroom!

Thanks to those who asked for a tour of the home we are sharing. We leave tomorrow morning.

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