Rainy day

With a day of drizzly rain and thinking to the days ahead with limited amenities, Saturday was a shopping/cooking day mainly. I was the sous chef. To the left, green peppers sent back to the sous chef for a smaller dice (on the right).

Meanwhile at the stove ..

Midway through the process, turkey meatloaf, turkey taco meat, sauteed mushrooms and leftover onions/green pepper for the next creation.

I went to the spice cabinet – quite the selection! – and made the turkey taco seasoning (nine different things to measure).

Little quiches for an easy breakfast. The leftover mushrooms are for Sunday’s baked potato dinner. There are also two turkey burgers in the freezer. Then Billie made dinner ,,

brown beans and cornbread:

“That’s enough butter, Arlete.” Although there might be a few of my relatives who disagree.

On Sunday, it was time for cleaning (Billie) and laundry (Arlete) and generally getting ready to leave tomorrow.

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