Budapest: day 1

We are staying at Sofitel Budapest Hotel which is in Pest, the bigger and more modern side of the river.

Complimentary breakfast every morning – the selection is huge. Different cuisines are available, from Indian, SE Asian, American, Nordic countries, and of course, Hungarian.
We took a tour of the city but it was not the best. When booking a tour like this, a person should ask about the windows on the vehicle. If there’s something to see on the left (or right) side, 2/3 of the people couldn’t see it. If it was a tall building, you couldn’t see it. I sat alone in the farthest back seat, which was a couple of steps up from everyone else, and got good views of everything as long as I laid down across the seat. If I stayed upright, there were excellent views of the sidewalk.
A view of the Danube from the top of Castle Hill – where there is no castle.
Matthias Church:
A better view of the Pariliament Building:

Heroes Square:
We had a really good dinner at Jerney Bistro:
On the way back to the hotel, a man playing songs accompanied by some recorded music. He was really good.
Our lost bags were on a flight from Frankfurt this afternoon, but it will take hours for the bags to get to the hotel. Fingers still crossed. This is the third full day in the same clothes.

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