Sophia, Avery & Carson

Sophia and Avery have a full schedule: summer school and various camps. Lenin plots it out on a spreadsheet. The programs usually end at noon, so we have long afternoons with swimming

and cooking. Avery wanted to make the pinwheel cookies. I got all the ingredients out and asked Avery what parts he wanted to help with. As it turned out, he only wanted to put the food coloring into the dough, help cut the slices (because he wanted to eat the uneven raw dough ends) and put the sticks in. Hurray! I got to take my time and roll the rectangle into a perfect 4 x 8-inch rectangle.

Meanwhile Sophia researched online then created and practiced:

Later, Carson used a huge pool noodle to try to hit the pitch I tossed to him. He was occasionally overwhelmed by the pool noodle.

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