Culinary tour

This morning we went on a breakfast tour in downtown Greenville with Rose at Foothill Foodie Tours. We started at Crepe du Jour.
Mimosas, bacon, scrambled eggs, and a beautiful crepe! The filling was delicious but we couldn’t quite figure out the flavor.
The filling was almond cream cheese mousse. As delicious as it sounds.
As we walked to our next stop, Rose talked about the history of Greenville and the revitalization of the downtown area,took us to an artists collaborative,
and pointed out a couple of the Mice on Main Street (there are 9 altogether).
Next stop:
Biscuits and sausage gravy with scrambled eggs and bacon.
Our final stop, the Hyatt Regency:
Chef Daniel explained that “farm to table” is the old phrase. Now it’s “soil to city” He uses 25 local farmers in this restaurant.
French toast bread pudding made with hallah. And another mimosa!
Even though neither of us totally finished any of the breakfasts, we are stuffed. Happily stuffed! Time to walk it off with a stroll down Main Street to Falls Park on the Reedy:

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