Crab feed

Last-minute invitations are so fun! Jim and Lucy invited me to a crab feed in Rio Linda but the tickets were all sold out. Thinking I was only going to meet them for a drink at the American Legion Hall, I got a call, Lucy got a ticket for me!

Jim, Norma Snell, Archie Sanders

Our table:

At left, Nicki & Jim Williams. Lucy is next to Jim

One of my favorite families from my teaching days, the Tomlinsons:

Ken, Sarah, Julie, AnnaMarie

Favorite story: I was visiting with a friend when this young man came back to his seat (the one I was sitting in) and told me I was his teacher. I love meeting my students all grown up but never recognize who they are (like from 1980s when he was maybe 10), so I asked what his name was. “Robbie Bell.” Of course I wanted a picture. Then I asked him what my name was. “Mrs Reeves.” (Smile) Uhhh, no, Arlete Hodel. “Oh yeah, maybe that was it.” LOL!!

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