Thursday at Merrilyn’s

On Tuesday. The first time I tried to make pastry using my Cuisenart, it didn’t turn out at all. So I asked Merrilyn for a lesson today. Super-prepared as she is, all the ingredients were measured out and chilled as needed. Pulse 3 times. Check out the small jar FILLED with a variety of measuring spoons! Tool envy.Pour cold water in a steady stream while Cuisenart runs.Stop! as soon as a ball begins to form and dump it onto plastic wrap. Divide in half and wrap each separately, let rest at least 30 minutes before using! Wa-lah! Two double-crust pastry doughs (doughs?) in about 20 minutes! Thank you, Merrilyn!Today’s beverage #1: Captain Morgan Loco Nut (coconut rum) and pineapple juice. Delicious!While we made the pastry, A Tomato Tart baked, followed by Gougeres.Always fun! We miss you Phyl!

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