Warm-up ride

At breakfast, Donna and I practiced an elongated neck and wide-open eyes for a better picture. Fewer wrinkles, right? Billie laughed her way through the practice session.Stacks of patriotic tires:Today we rode the Shoreline Trail toward Buffalo from our hotel in nearby Kenmore.What? This gate is locked on the weekends?!! Detour required.The Peace Bridge to Canada across the Niagara River:We stopped at a Tim Horton’s for a snack, decided we’d ridden far enough, and headed back. Along the way, we leapfrogged a father/son team from Michigan who planned to ride 90 miles/day to Albany. They were already a few hours behind schedule, but something else bothered me. The father’s helmet was more on the side of his head, obviously not level or secure. I waved them over at one of our stops and asked if I could fix it for him. He let me! LCI 3879 doing some good in the world 😁
Miles = 24

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