Rosemary Foccacia in Deer Lodge MT

Yesterday I flew from Sacramento to Butte Montana to visit Dave & Phyl who moved here last April. Today Phyl and I went for a drive.The Montana State Prison is the biggest local employer.This is where Phyl and Dave’s grandson, Chris, works.Looking back toward the town of Deer Lodge:In the afternoon, we baked bread – Rosemary Foccacia. Phyl started the biga yesterday. Today it took another 3 hours to finish the process.This bread is unbelievably delicious!In the evening we went to the movies. Note the days the theater is open, and it’s operated solely by volunteers.The guy in the booth was funny. After we entered the theater, he came out the back door to talk to me, wondering why I was taking pictures (Was I an inspector?). He told me the theater used to seat 800 people, but there was a fire in 2006. When the theater was rebuilt, they extended the seat length so now there are 300 seats downstairs and 200 seats upstairs.

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