Sophia & Avery – day 1

This is a new version of Paper Rock Scissors:
The funny part, to me, was how the loser of a round had to pose, big sigh, oh no:
Then we went to:

All the animals here have been rescued.

Near the bear exhibit were life-size cut outs of three bears (smallest to largest):  black bear, grizzly bear, polar bear (this would become important later in the day).

Avery was great at showing me where I should be taking pictures. “Grandma, over here, the baby peacocks!”

Then we went to Parrot Planet:

After we got home, we played Bird Bingo, black-out of course.

Then the bears began creating their dens. The middle-sized bear:

Somewhere in this mess, under the small table?, was the den of Greta:

At first named Bob the Black Bear, Avery changed his name to Blue Bear.

Penelope the Polar Bear was relegated the kitchen/dining area – “Penelope!” was usually called 2-3 times before she responded appropriately. Smile.

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