Back to School Night

This is an experiment. At William Land Elementaryin downtown Sacramento, there are many after-school clubs. This year, one parent thought it would be a good idea to have a bike club. Elle Steele and I responded to the inquiry, met together to create a broad outline, Elle created a letter to parents, I made a flyer with pictures,
we met with the principal, and here we were … at Back to School Night.No, that’s not Elle. She had a conflict tonight with one of her classes at Sac State. That’s Neil Thompson, another LCI that we work with.Neil lives car-free and has many bikes for different purposes. Tonight he needed his cargo bike to haul the smaller bike (with balloons attached), the pump, and other assorted goodies.William Land Elementary is a Mandarin immersion school. Some of the after-school choices include Chinese folk dance and Chinese harp.Other offerings, codingchess,engineering (Legos),and drums.Bonus: street tacos (not a club) – they were REALLY good! Pollo, carne asada, and al pastor.Some of these clubs cost money, ours does. Sign-ups happen through September 15. We need at least 10 kids in grades 4-6 to sign up to make the club minimally viable. There’s a pool of about 220 students. 15 would be ideal, then Elle and I could both be at the weekly one-hour meetings most of the time. We’ll see, stay tuned.

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