Troll cookies

Last week, I had to go to Joann’s after Sophia’s soccer practice. I am a total weakling when it comes to buying crafts for them to make. Sophia chose a gingerbread house made from foam pieces. Avery chose sugar cookies decorated with trolls. Today after school we made the cookies.dsc04122Sophia took everything out of the box – which made 10 cookies, but there were 12 edible decals. “Grandma, can I eat one? There are two extra.” Maybe break off a piece of the decal and see how it tastes. It tasted liked frosting and one decal disappeared.dsc04124Sophia was so much help. She knew where everything was in the kitchen.dsc04126Sophia thought Avery’s choice of a craft from Joann’s was perfect because she actually got to do it.dsc04127Avery had been absorbed in the iPad, but did show up when it was time to frost and decorate the cookies.dsc04128He frosted one, decorated it, ate it, and left. Sophia described it as “One. And done.”dsc04129A very successful project.dsc04130

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