Luke & Julie’s wedding

Luke Rankin was a student in the first Westside Charter School 7th-grade class where I was “teaching head-teacher” – one of my best and most memorable years of teaching. Luke was an excellent student – a great kid in all ways. When his mom Sheila asked me where I thought he should go for high school after 8th grade, I suggested Rio Linda High School and told her, “He will be a star.” And he was, valedictorian of his class; I was invited to his baccalaureate at Calvary Lutheran Church. Luke went off to college in the midwest, then got a Fulbright Scholarship to Russia; back in the USA, he went into banking in the Bay Area. Today I went to his wedding in San Jose at Willow Glen United Methodist Church.DSC01916Luke with his mother Sheila:DSC01919DSC01924DSC01925DSC01927DSC01932DSC01940DSC01943I sat with an old family friend, Angi, on my left. It was wonderful to hear stories about Luke and Julie over the past five years since they met. On my right was Javan, who has known Luke since he first started at Chase Bank. When Luke came to our table, he said, “It’s no accident that you two are sitting next to each other. You were both my mentors, one in school and one in business.” While Luke left Chase Bank after a few years, he and Javan stayed in close contact … the mentorship continues.DSC01946

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