San Giovanni Day

Today is San Giovanni day, also known as the holy feast day of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist – and it falls right after the summer solstice. Tradition has it that today is also the day to harvest walnuts for nocino, a delicious coffee-brown walnut liqueur. All the ingredients were assembledDSC01894along with good friends. The ancient Nocino tradition holds that green walnuts need to be gathered by barefoot virgins. We got the barefoot part right, anyway.DSC01902Checking out Justin’s lush and perfect lawn. Phyl, “I sink in up to my ankle!”DSC0190330 walnuts, washed and dried.DSC01905Cut in half. Not easy, I needed a big chef’s knife. The walnuts are picked now, just before the hard shell begins to form.DSC01906The final product will now sit in a sunny place for 40 days and will be shaken once/day. According to what I’ve read, the liquid will first turn “sinister green” then “the tea-brown of bayou swamp water,” and finally “black as cowboy coffee”. DSC01910We visited the pigs.DSC01909A good time was had by all. The first annual E Nicolaus San Giovanni Day was a huge success!DSC01911

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