Chinatown and cable cars

Today we checked off a couple of things on Billie’s bucket list. We drove to Walnut Creek and took BART into San Francisco. A very friendly boy going to the Giants game with his dad started up a conversation with Billie:
Near Market & Embarcadero:
Don’t let the smile fool you, I’m hanging on for dear life:
There are so many places to eat in Chinatown, therefore hard to know which one to choose. We took Sunset magazine’s suggestion and ate at R & G Lounge. Excellent choice!
Dubious Billie explored the markets and herb shops with many unusual offerings, including different varieties of ginseng (some cost $400/lb) or dried sea cucumbers.DSC00882
The Fairmont Hotel:DSC00888
The Buena Vista Inn serves the BEST Irish coffee!DSC00892
Golden Gate Bridge:DSC00893
There was a 45-minute wait for the cable cars, so we walked along the wharf and caught a bus.DSC00895
Our BART ride back to Walnut Creek was packed! Commuters and Giants heading home. DSC00898
Check and check. Now Billie needs to add more things to her California bucket list. Fun day!

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