Seeing old friends

Darnit. I was in line at Winco with a cartful of groceries and realized I forgot to get an item located at the far corner of the store. There was one customer ahead of me and I asked if she’d pull my cart forward while I ran to get the missing item. She smiled warmly and said “Of course,” and I took off. I know her. But from where? when? (I’m always so grateful these days when my brain yields the information I need at the moment.)

Sue Cervantes, one of my all-time-favorite moms. I taught her son Nathan at Westside about 20 years ago. And we started talking and talking while we unloaded our groceries, paid for them, and then went to bag them. Lo and behold, her husband had not only bagged their groceries but mine also and had re-loaded them into my cart. Wow! Thank you!

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