Memorial Service at Calvary Lutheran

The Gospel Choir was very special to Mom. They went to Atria El Camino Gardens every 2-3 months to sing for everyone in the Life Guidance unit.
The women’s group at the church did an amazing job providing food for the reception afterwards. As we all know, funerals are also a great time for catching up with family and friends. Most of the people in this picture I considered my cousins as I grew up. L-R Back row: Chuck, Phyl, Carol (siblings), me, John, Jim.
Around the table: Rebecca, Judy, Aunt Rosebud, Cynthia, Christine, Tom, Eva Lee, and friend Mary Lee.
Vi, Jason, Stacey, Justin, Jennifer.

3 thoughts on “Memorial Service at Calvary Lutheran

  1. Arlete, I am so sorry to hear of the death of your mom; I knew she was in a hospice but didn’t know she had passed. I know she was very special! It’s great that the grand kids and great grand kids were all able to know her. You and your family will be in my thoughts this holiday season. Hope you are well. Love, Julie

  2. My dear friend in Alabama suggested I let people know that if you’d like to give a memorial donation, we suggest Rio Linda Elverta Historical Society, PO Box 468, Rio Linda CA 95673 OR Calvary Lutheran Church, PO Box 310, Rio Linda CA95673.

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