I got some juice from Tom and Julie in Dixon, but then one of the guys Justin works with gave him three large bags of whole pomegranates.image
We borrowed Merrilyn’s juicer and Dave set up a work station in the garage. Phyl (mostly) and I cut the pomegranates and – bless his heart – Dave squeezed out all the juice. 92 poms!
Time to make jelly.

2 thoughts on “Pomegranates!

  1. Oh my gosh, Arlete, I forgot to get back to you on the pomegranate juicer my neighbor made. So sorry! He basically re-purposed a janitor’s bucket, the kind that squeezes the mop. There was a square of wood on each of the squeezer sides. Then you just pop in a pom and and pull the lever. Toss the crushed fruit, the juice runs down into the bucket, to which he added a spigot. Then it’s just pouring through cheese cloth (they used cloth diapers) to filter the juice. It goes really fast, the year we did it with them, it took about an hour to do a whole wheelbarrow full! Hope you are well, enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Thank you Julie and Tom, Phyl’s husband Dave is really good at building stuff like you’ve described, a sure-thing for next year. Since the pom jelly-making, Justin told me of a farmer out by his house that has 5 acres of poms that are never harvested! Wouldn’t it be cool to bring together the Master Food Preservers and this resource for one of the classes they offer to the public? Hmmm.

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