Positive feedback

It’s always fun to hear from or run into former students.  This time, however, it was a truly a feel-good moment.  Actually the feeling lasted for days, and still makes me smile.  Thank you, Jessica for sending me the following email:

Hi Ms. Hodel!

My name is Jessica G—-e (formerly Jessica G—–n). I read today that the book The Giver is being turned into a movie and immediately my mind put me in my 6th grade class in the 2000-2001 school year at Sierra View Elementary with you at the front of the class reading the book to the whole class! I assure you I have not been cyber stalking you (until the last 45 minutes :-)), but I did want to find your email because I thought you may enjoy knowing you had a great affect on me during our time together and I will never forget a few key moments with you during that school year.

One that really sticks out in my mind is when a classmate had copied off of my math test and I had no idea (I really like math, and I imagine I was happy as a clam during the test demonstrating my skills, lol… not paying attention to anything else around me). You called both of us outside and explained the situation and luckily the classmate admitted to what she had done! Believe you me, you scared me silly, and all through jr. high, high school and college I covered my paper (probably over zealously)when taking tests!

Thanks for being a great teacher! I didn’t really realize how important great elementary school teachers are until recently when I have been researching and comparing schools I’d like to send my toddler to when kindergarten comes around and thinking back to my elementary school experiences.

Thanks for listening,
Jessica G—-e

2 thoughts on “Positive feedback

  1. I bet this made your day!! What a great kid to go to the effort of letting you know what you meant to her!
    PS, We are reading The Giver in one of my HS English classes – such a good story.

  2. At the time I taught the book, it was banned from all libraries and classrooms in Elk Grove. Should this book be banned? What is in the book that some people think a middle-schooler shouldn’t read it? I wanted my students to THINK about the controversies presented, maybe to develop an opinion of their own. At the end, there was an essay related to the dedication by the author Lois Lowry – “To all children to whom we entrust the future.” Thank you Julie for your comment. I hope you and your students enjoy the book.

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