RLEHS Sunday Social

Joyce welcomed everyone to this month’s Sunday Social.

We met at the Calvary Lutheran Church Social Hall.

Sharon King and Randy Aeschliman presented a slide show and updated everyone on “What’s Been Happening in the Dry Creek Parkway.

Sharon was the artist who designed the mural for the Rio Linda Centennial Celebration two years ago. Both are excellent photographers and spend countless volunteer hours working on behalf of the Dry Creek Parkway. After a homeless camp was recently removed, Randy worked to clean up the remaining garbage for which RLEHS was most grateful. Red sesbania is an invasive non-native species which threatens to take over our local creek system. Eradicating this plant is a primary goal. This morning, Randy went out and collected many unwanted seed pods and brought his bounty to the meeting. In this half-filled garbage can are approximately 17000 Red sesbania seeds which will never sprout. Thank you Randy and Sharon for all you are doing for our community.

Mike Graninetti encouraged everyone to come out and volunteer for the next creek clean up project.

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