Early March in the yard

NOTE to Faithful Readers: Everytime my iPad gets too full of pictures, I get bogged down with the process of getting the pictures OFF the iPad and onto a memory card. There is no easy way, I always need to ask cousin Phyllis for help. We have to transfer the pictures onto her computer then transfer them back onto an SD card. Not being computer whizzes at all, it always takes a lot of time. Then I begin the process of catching up. And suddenly four weeks have gone by.

In a frenzy one afternoon, I attacked a couple of unpruned-for-in-six-years crape myrtles. I hope they forgive me in time. image

Moving to the other side of the yard and borrowing a ladder from Justin, and with Doug’s help, I was much more careful. Actually I was in pruning and Mom glory. Doug did all the work and I stood nearby and gave lots of advice.image


Meanwhile, Odin began cutting the grass in the back yard with a dull kitchen knife. He said he wanted to do the entire two acres if Daddy said it was ok. Very enterprising.image

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