The boat

Well, it’s still floating. When Chad flew over from Maui on Dec 15 and went out to look at the boat, Phil called me and threatened to sink it if I continued to work with him. I had no idea what I would find when I got here. Phil also informed me he wanted $6000 for all the help he gave me, he would settle for $4500 however.

Pat and I went to the Coast Guard office to report the threats – they were great, took a brief report, assured us they would keep an eye on the boat, suggested what our next steps should be, and walked us over to the DLNR office. The harbor agent’s first question, “Are you going to pay Phil?” Hmmm.

Next stop, Kauai Police Department, who essentially told us to “pound sand” and sent us packing. The officer’s parting words, “Welcome to Kauai.”
This wasn’t going so well.

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