Chico and walnuts

Today we drove to Chico to have lunch and to explore in some of the shops.
On the way home, we stopped at Justin’s. He’d taken to day off to work on his landscaping project.
I wanted to check on the walnut trees. There might be a few on the ground…?
A few. The harvest begins!

RLEHS Sunday Social

The speakers were docents from the USS Hornet, located on Pier 3 in Alameda.We had a great volunteer turnout for the Throwdown.L-R: Lyn Pitts, Normajean Thornton, Norma Horrell, Catherine Green, Allie Brown, me. Congratulations, Catherine!

Walnut drying complete

I’ve been rotating bags of walnuts onto the drying screen that Justin put up near the front door every week to 10 days since December. All of last year’s walnuts are now officially dry.This year’s crop is also stored in the office.One of Justin’s neighbors has a hand-cranked walnut-cracking machine which means shelling walnuts into one-pound bags goes twice as fast as it used to. Yay! Four bags of cracked walnuts yielded 21 pounds of shelled walnuts.At this point in the life cycle of a walnut tree, the catkins are beginning to form: