Grandma’s Cooking School: Ultra Chocolately Brownies

Sophia is away at camp this week. Avery chose Ultra Chocolately Brownies to make today. Lauren really didn’t want to butter the pan with her fingers, but she persevered.Avery is so good at cracking eggs into the bowl.While they baked, time to play.They did NOT end up in a pile like this at the bottom, they staged this picture and I was asked to take about 10 shots.The brownies were delicious, very fudgy.

Grandma’s Cooking School: Smoothies

Thank you Lauren for being the cheerleader to get this going. Grocery list:I will probably skip the grocery list/shopping step the next time we do this … because there is way too much stuff in the cart that has nothing to do with smoothies.Lauren made pina colada smoothies.Sophia made strawberry-guava which required additional sugar to be palatable and was ranked #3/3 by four taste-testers.Avery made very berry.Time for several games of Hide and Seek. The “it” person rode the stick horse and pressed one ear or the other to make clippity-cloppity sounds or a lot of neighing.The places they tucked themselves into were remarkable.Later in the afternoon, it was time for swim practice.Behind those towels is the meanest (most hilarious) face you can imagine.