NYC – day 4

Our goal was to walk High Line Park – highly recommended by several people. To get there, we decided to ride the subway. Easy to pay and get on, a bit confusing when we had to transfer to a different train halfway there, but down another level and we were set.

This area of the city is called Hudson Yards. When we exited by way of a couple of really long escalators going up, we were shocked to be greeted by strong cold wind. Walking High Line Park would not be pleasant in any way. We found a Starbucks, had breakfast, warmed up and came up with plan B. Great idea: a Starbucks bike:

Nearby, the Vessel, currently closed due to several suicides, a solution is still being explored.

We decided to walk back, technically a 42 minute walk but we managed to find a few distractions along the way. Madison Square Garden and the Empire State Building:

The Garment District with soooo many fabric shops (Sacramento has just one).

Maria has an internal homing signal for Irish pubs.

A rooftop bar and restaurant, so nice and warm inside.

Continuing our trek back, we skipped Pig and Whistle but stopped next at Sean’s Irish Pub:

The spires of St Patrick’s meant we were close to our hotel. It was still quite cold, but the buildings blocked a lot of the wind.

On our way to “dinner,” a traffic jam even though a police officer was directing traffic. Half the vehicles in all directions were honking horns continuously.

Another NYC tradition, hot dog and a pretzel from a street vendor. Our “dinner:”

We were up early Wednesday morning to fly home arriving mid-afternoon.

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