NYC – day 3 – morning

On a lark, we got up at 6 am, quickly put on warm clothes, walked a couple of blocks, went through security, and lined up along the barricades for the Today Show. From 6:30-7:00, a producer and two staff members prepped us for the show, did short interviews to find groups to feature, followed by little rehearsals and filming short clips.

When it began to rain, the staff brought out orange ponchos for everyone.

We were able to watch the entire show, with sound and without commercials, on a big screen. 8:01 – there we were on the big screen with my (in Maria’s words) “electrocuted hair”. Our rehearsed phrase, “Celebrating 50 years of friendship .. from Sacramento!” Smile and wave.

The hosts came out to film and visit.

All were friendly and gracious and walked the entire perimeter, chatting and posing for selfies. Fist bump with Al Roker:

Craig Melvin:

Kristen Welker:

Jacob Soboroff:

Only Carson Daly didn’t make it to our section.

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