End of story?

It was supposed to be, but not quite. I bought an e-bike on March 5, but it was a lemon. There were no similar replacements anywhere so Midtown Trek ordered the one I wanted, the 2022 model. It arrived about two weeks ago, but the front fork was damaged in shipping, the back fender scuffed, the front fender with a dent. The replacement fork was sent right away but did not match the rest of the bike. It will be September before the correct parts arrive. Meanwhile, I want to ride this bike so on went the wrong-color fork and imperfect fenders. First stop was Dani and Kathy’s house. Dani has done ALL the work to get the bike to this point, plus a zero dollar outlay from me for a newer model and a very nice electronic accessory! So nice to know an excellent consumer advocate. Thanks Dani!

I am ready to ride!

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