Your bike rides this week

Monday January 31. A great example of how to line up in the bike line to go straight across an intersection. Dani, Cindy, Kathy, Cheryl, Leo. I rode sweep (last rider).

Wednesday February 3. Dani, Roni, Kathy. Small world note: Roni is a longtime cycling friend of Dani and Kathy. Roni is also one of my favorite “moms” – I taught both of her daughters at Westside Elementary, 6th grade.

Friday February 4. Barbara went for a solo ride:

We drove to E Nicolaus and rode to Wheatland and back. In front of Salle’s on Wheatland Rd. A great little stop with some fresh grown vegetables, dried fruits and nuts, jams and jellies – all grown and made on site. Barbara, Cheryl, big rooster, Jane, Lorge, me:

Saturday February 5. Six of us completed the Jibe-sponsored Olympic Gold Challenge. We rode the Redbud and Jackrabbit Trails and Fisherman’s Lake Parkway and took selfies with the newly-installed trail signage. After uploading to Jibe’s website, we win something. Cheryl, Kathy, Chris, Leo, Dani:

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