Deer Lodge MT

Seeing family – Dave and Phyl – really stirred up my homesickness. It’s so beautiful here. The view from my upstairs bedroom window:

The pond on another side of the house:

The rare Deer Lodge Horned Toad:

Great picture of Dave:

In addition to getting the mail at the post office, Phyl and I took a little tour of Deer Lodge: the quilt store, New to You where Phyl volunteers once/week, a new bike trail – the sign is there, but the riding surface looks quite rough.

Phyl made a couple of my favorite recipes like this ham/chicken tetrazzini:

She also made Bailey’s Irish Creme parfaits:

When Phyl gave me the beater to lick, I remembered how my mom used to do the same thing when I was growing up.

By the time the departure date arrived, I realized I really needed to go home. Billie left on Wednesday:

Dave, Phyl and I drove to Butte to Derailed Bike Shop to have my bike boxed and shipped:

Today, I flew home – I could hardly contain my joy.

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