Paddle boats

We parked at the Boathouse specifically because we wanted to rent a paddle boat after our bike ride and tour Forest Park a different way. We arrived early and were among the first in line when they opened at 11 am. At 10:30, we were a bit dismayed to see a school bus drive up and unload quite a few summer campers and a couple of chaperones, everyone went right through the gate. At 11, when we were allowed in, the campers were already paired up and setting off, 2/kayak. They knew what they were doing. They could back up, turn, and take off, working cooperatively in pairs.

Off we went. Uh … pedaling this thing is harder than pedaling a bicycle. The kayakers were way up ahead.

After going under this bridge, you entered the Grand Basin.

And there they were, the kayakers goal. What a cool summer camp experience. The guy on the right was their leader/supervisor on the water.

Back we went. The plastic seats had become especially hard by now, but we pedaled on.

In fact, we completed our rented hour. We decided to have lunch at the Boathouse before heading back. Luckily we scored the best and shadiest spot on the patio and enjoyed our meal. As we were preparing to leave, a couple of ladies asked if our table was available and … a brief chat began … where we found out that a brother and sister who had been adopted separately had very recently found each other through a DNA testing site. Late yesterday, she arrived from Cozumel to meet her brother for the very first time, but only for about 10 minutes. They are about to have lunch together …

Pedaling that paddle boat was WAY harder than we expected. We were both tired and went to bed quite early.

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