St Louis Riverfront Trail

From our parking spot, we headed south toward downtown St Louis. The Mississippi River is to the left, we rode on top of the levee. So glad it’s paved.

Because trail is between the river and the flood wall, this is called the “wet side”:

The “dry side”:

This trail is very industrial until you get to the center of downtown St Louise. Here, grain was being loaded onto a barge:

The site where Mary Meachum helped 8 slaves cross the river to freedom in Illinois in 1855:

Urban decay turned into a canvas for art and grafitti :

Rootwad Park, art + decay and a popular place to do outdoor fashion shoots (or so I’ve read):

One section of the trail was closed and we had to find a detour. That’s when we met Vincent, a trail-riding security officer. He rides 70 miles/day, 5 days/week!

The end of the trail and our turnaround point (the red star):

This is also a popular place for grafitti artists:

Including Chain of Rocks, we rode 28 miles today!

Three month summary:

8 states – 19 trails – 663 miles

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