Anheuser Busch Tour

St Louis is the HQ for this huge company founded in 1850.

Social distancing was non-existent but masks were required and their proper use nicely enforced. Just about the first we’ve seen since leaving in early April.


The Beechwood Aging Cellars. Each big tank held 1.2 million 12-ounce servings of beer. And there were MANY tanks.

The bottling/labeling/packaging process:

The final step in the process is … consumption. As we left the bottling area, we were given a bottle of Bud Light that had come off the line this morning. Then, you got to choose a 16-oz beverage of your choice. Alas, no Stella Artois, which has been a part of the A-B family since 2008. Then you entered this pavilion/bar/restaurant.

The lunch menu looked pretty good. The appetizers were excellent. Salted Bavarian pretzels with cheese sauce and spicy mustard:

Toasted ravioli:

Another really fun day. Planned at the last minute because the weather made bike riding a poor choice.

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