Too hot to …

be outside after 9 am and too hot to ride the trails on the other side of the Mississippi River. It was actually just a 10-mile bike ride from our campsite across the river using the Big River Crossing Trail to the Memphis River Walk, then a right turn onto Beale Street, and a few blocks later – ta dah – the closest Starbucks. Surely an incentive but the weather was unbearable.

Saturday night Billie slept sideways in her bed and I slept on a short bed. I took 2 of the 3 back cushions off, it was wide enough and long enough at an angle.

Sunday’s focus was figuring out what was wrong with the slide outs. Billie read, researched, contacted the previous owner, talked with a technician at Lippert (manufacturer of the slide out mechanisms), unscrewed and reattached plates to check the wiring (from a most awkward position too, I had to hold a mirror so she could see the holes), found another fuse box to check if anything had tripped, and finally put a post on an owner’s website. The responses came in quickly … one post said “Is the emergency brake on?” Billie puts on the emergency brake on EVERY time she stops, but not this time. That was it. Problem solved. Slides out. Big lesson learned.

The trailer beside us also had problems. As Don and Mary were driving over the levee to get to this RV park, they blew the transmission in their truck, which was now in the shop being fixed.

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