Hop skip jump

Hop. On Wednesday we stayed at Ocoee Winery in Cleveland TN – a Harvest Host.

We’ve stayed at quite a few Harvest Hosts so far and this one ended up lower in the ranking system we’ve conjured up. We tasted and bought some wine and were told we could use either of two sitting areas – both of which were dilapidated and unusable. This was the best place for wine, cheese and crackers. And the wall in the background was perfect to set a grill on.

Skip. Thursday, Crossing Creeks Farm in Shelbyville TN. A multi-generational farm with a great story. You can learn more about the family and the farm at crossingcreeks.com. The very long driveway crosses two creeks:

There were several RV spots, we parked next to an event space that also served as storage for farm trailers, a boat, etc. Our bikes became towel drying racks and the steps onto the hayride wagon was a good place for the grill.

One flatbed trailer had two rows of harvested garlic drying out:

As we got ready to leave the next morning, we noticed Shane carrying a new-born calf toward a small barn. Elizabeth led the anxious mother closely behind. After having a good meal while the calf rested nearby, they were released back into a field. Another unexpected event we were lucky to see.

Jump. Century Farm Winery in Jackson TN. We parked under a big pecan tree with a cornfield on one side

and the tasting room on the other side.

Tom, behind the bar, was rather entertaining with his banter, knowledge of wines, and Scottish accent.

The view from our “patio”:

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