We left in the morning to drive to Shelby and Scott’s camp on the Tennessee-Tom Bigbee River.

Then we went for lunch at the Louisiana Shrimp Shack:

The crawfish were too spicy for Paula. Tom thought we should get 2 pounds. Billie thought 4 pounds to start with was better. In the end, three of us ate 7 pounds! You only get a teaspoon of tail meat at a time – it’s a messy delicious meal.

Tom knows all the good local places, so our final stop was at

Billie bought a cinnamon raisin bread pudding. In the afternoon, Billie and I organized a few things and got ready to leave the next day. Later, Tom made excellent Bloody Mary’s:

For some reason, we weren’t very hungry for dinner. But there’s always room for dessert. Tom made a whisky sauce which was poured over the bread pudding. We each got a spoon and dug in! Best I’ve every tasted:

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