Wills Creek Vineyards and Winery

We drove to Attalla AL this morning to a Harvest Host:

We were able to park right in front of the tasting room:

Later in the afternoon, after the tasting room had closed, we enjoyed a cold bottle of their Orange Sangria with cheese and crackers on the back deck of the tasting room. We had the place to ourselves.

View from the deck:

Janie, the owner, came out to visit. Then her neighbor/brother-in-law walked around the fence and came over to chat.

This bird tried really hard to chirp louder than our music was playing:

These geese were entertaining to watch. Janie said one goose had been recently nabbed by a snapping turtle in the pond, so now the widow/er hangs out with the remaining couple. No other geese were allowed to land in this meadow.

Another great Harvest Hose experience!

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